“I am a healthcare professional and I contacted Sue for help in treating my COVID-19 related anxiety. She explored my concerns and suggested coping mechanisms with a sensitive and realistic approach. I found her warm, friendly and thoughtful. We initially had weekly sessions by Zoom, which worked very well. I continue to see her less frequently after lifting of lockdown as my anxiety has improved with her help”

“A few years ago, our family suffered a huge crisis; our adult son was sectioned having become dangerously underweight and suffering what we can only describe as a complete mental breakdown.

This breakdown came after 18 months of gradual decline in his mental health which, despite all our best efforts, we failed to prevent.

He is a head-strong and independently-minded young adult, who at that time refused to accept any counselling or anti-depressants from GP services.

The mental health services at the hospital failed our son completely. He rejected all their services, and discharged himself, refusing any medication offered, but secured his release on the one proviso that he met up with a counsellor.

That is where Sue stepped in and saved us; Sue came highly recommended from friends who had used her services. Sue was brilliant from the very beginning, successfully engaging with our son at a time when he would barely speak to anyone.

Slowly, and without pressure, she built up a rapport and gained his confidence. She also offered a correct diagnosis of severe anxiety, and explained to us that with love, support and kindness, our son could learn to manage the illness, and that this dire situation was not forever.

The combination of feeling safe and secure at home with parents who now understood our son’s illness only thanks to Sue’s support and advice, combined with weekly sessions with Sue and support from a new GP who managed to persuade our son to take medication, means that our son is once again enjoying life and is about to return to university.

We would recommend Sue to anyone in a similar situation without a moment’s hesitation. Without her, we would not be in the happy position we are in today.”

“Sue helped our son deal with PTSD in his late teens and anxiety in subsequent years. We are extremely grateful for Sue’s professional help, guidance and support but more importantly for the positive life skills our son has learnt as a consequence of his interactions with Sue.”

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