Individual therapy

Maybe you are feeling low, or finding it difficult to function in your everyday life. You might be feeling anxious or panicky and avoiding doing things which make you feel that way. 

You might be lacking in confidence, maybe never having found it easy to have your needs met. You may feel overwhelming emotion and struggle to manage your responses, or feel numb and not sure why you aren’t enjoying things you used to get pleasure from. It may be that your personal relationships are a struggle.

If you are having any of these, or other difficulties, it could be that individual therapy could help.

Help for couples and families

Sometimes the difficulties seem to be in a relationship or how a family is managing their conversations. In these cases, it can be useful to have joint sessions to help communication and explore approaching things differently together. 

Sometimes a loving relationship has become fractious and argumentative, with both partners wanting more from their relationship. In family relationships, parenting adult children can be a real challenge, as the unique challenges of transition to adulthood seem particularly tough for our young people at this time.

If you are having difficulties in your relationships with your spouse/partner or particular family members, you can set up a meeting for yourself or you and your family members to explore how joint sessions can help.

Supervision and Training for Organisations

I offer a range of services for other psychologists/therapists and organisations. 

I provide clinical and research supervision for therapists and psychologists and teach on several of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate courses. 

I am an experienced and enthusiastic presenter, and can offer short talks, workshops and more tailored training on a range of subjects for organisations.


£130 per hour

Individual therapy

£140 per hour

Couple/family therapy


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