Couples & Families

Couples Counselling

Many couples experience problems relating to poor communication and understanding. Have you noticed that you have stopped having fun together or find you have little to say? 

Maybe one of you has behaved in a way that has caused conflict and you feel stuck, unable to move on. The recent pandemic has magnified these difficulties with couples forced to spend more, or too little, time together without enjoying their usual social activities. 

Significant life events such as a bereavement, redundancy, moving home or children going to university can all have an impact. I have experience with systemic approaches that will enable you to develop an open and honest communication. 

From a position of valuing each of you and exploring your needs, we will work together to help you create the partnership you desire.

Family Therapy & Family Counselling

Communication difficulties often leave families struggling with life cycle changes, or when experiencing challenging life events. 

It might be that you notice a conflict in your family, or one member is becoming distressed or anxious and you feel the need to manage this together. Family therapy can be extremely powerful, and I have extensive experience of working with family units to communicate effectively and move forward positively. 

Families I work with are often surprised at how quickly a difference can be made, as they rediscover warmth and security, and develop shared goals which have been forgotten during difficulty or conflict. 


£140 per hour

Individual therapy

£150 per hour

Couple/family therapy


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