Psychological Therapy

We are providers of psychological therapy & counselling services to individuals, couples, families and organisations in Sandy & Bedfordshire.

We can help you overcome difficulties, plan for life changes and manage things differently.

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Helping you to overcome specific or general anxiety, including OCD, trauma symptoms and stuck patterns of avoidance, and return to the life you want to lead.
Helping you to overcome low mood, lack of motivation, feelings of failure and start engaging in the life you want to lead.
Helping you to overcome negative views of yourself and self-criticism, which can prevent you from thriving at work, in your personal and professional life.

Services Offered

I can help with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and many other difficulties through my high quality individual or family therapy sessions. 

I work with you to understand the situation, how your emotions and patterns of reacting are affecting your life, and to help you move forward towards the life you want. 

I offer various types of therapy which are proven to be highly effective, including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and systemic therapy.

Individual therapy offering effective talking therapies such as CBT with a warm compassionate approach.
Couples therapy to help you improve any type of relationship difficulties, stuck communication styles or patterns of interacting.
Skilled family therapy to help with family conflict, transitions and other struggles working to explore how to improve things for the whole family.
Offering high quality teaching and workshops for your staff to help them to manage difficult situations or improve performance.

About Me

I am Dr Susanna Summer, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist based in Sandy, Bedfordshire. 

I qualified from the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Leicester in 2009 and completed the two year postgraduate training to become a Systemic Practitioner at Anglia Ruskin University in 2013. 

I moved to Sandy in 2016 and have been working privately with individuals and families in this area since then.

Qualified Clinical Psychologist

I have worked in the NHS in older adult services for over ten years which has given me experience with a variety of presenting difficulties. 

In this time I have pursued further advanced training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion focussed approaches and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 

As a Clinical Psychologist I am also trained in other approaches, which gives me a range of techniques and skills to draw on.

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